Academy Le Sallay Presentation and Q&A Session

By Samovar (other events)

Thursday, November 8 2018 7:30 PM 9:00 PM

Innovative European education. Tailored for the gifted learner. 

Who we are:
We are Le Sallay Academy, an innovative and inclusive middle school for gifted and twice exceptional learners located in Chateau Le Sallay in Burgundy, France.
We offer 3-4 week in-person sessions alternating with 6-8 week online sessions in our interactive virtual classrooms.
Our location utilizes high-end security, modern amenities, and 24/7 supervision to ensure the safety and comfort of every student.

Our Advantages:
• Your child will meet with like-minded peers from around the world
• We are an inclusive environment for students with diverse learning needs and twice exceptional learners
• Engaging, small-group instruction rooted in critical thinking
• Regular guest lectures by famous scientists, entrepreneurs, and journalists
• Explore the historic surroundings of Burgundy

Pilot Period:
Enroll now for our pilot period beginning January 12th 2019 to experience a new kind of education.
Le Sallay’s pilot will consist of 2 weeks in-person, followed by 4 weeks online, culminating with another 1-week in-person session.

Scholarships and Cost:
We offer scholarships for gifted learners.
Our pilot period costs €5,000, and year-round tuition is €35,000. 
More information is available at: